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Contact: Tim Ivey
Phone: 404-583-2378
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Member: National Trappers Association

Member: Georgia Trappers Association

GA Licensed & Certified Wildlife Control Operator

We trap and remove Nuisance Animals that are killing Pets, Livestock, and Deer or present a hazard to Humans and/or their property. Typically, these animals are Bobcats, Coyotes, Feral Dogs and Foxes though we also trap and remove other animals such as beaver and Feral Hogs.

Tim Ivey (Owner) was trained by one of the top ADC Trappers in Tennessee. Instruction & literary knowledge gained from other Professional Trappers such as Clint Locklear, Mark June, and Ray Milligan. Tim has studied the philosophy and techniques of Craig O'Gorman of Broadus, Montana as well as the old Western Wolfers of the past 150 years.

A few words from Tim Ivey: "I've been married to my wife for 30 years; have a son who's a US Marine who did two tours in Iraq, & a beautiful daughter in college. I began hunting at 12 years old and since that time, I have acquired a lifetime of experience in Woodsman ship, Tracking, Animal Behavior and Patterning animal movements. I am an active member of the National Trappers Association & the Georgia Trappers ssociation."

We do not trap animals for the fur, but to protect humans, their pets, property and other animals from dangerous predators. Our primary clientele has been small urban neighborhood tracts, HOA's, and large rural properties. Yearly contracts include a Cattle Farm in Walton County where we protect newborn calves from Coyote Predation and a 1000 acre tract near Columbus, GA where we remove coyotes; protecting chickens & pets as well as killing most of the newborn fawns in his deer herd.

We service the following counties: East DeKalb, Rockdale, Newton, Oconee, Walton, and Gwinnett all by appointment only. We will accept work outside of these counties under the right conditions with adequate time to prepare.

We are currently accepting long term business relationships with owners of very large tracks of land or smaller premium tracks on an Annual or Bi-annual basis. We welcome you to visit our Web site here:

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