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Do you have problem raccoons that you need to catch, get rid of or trap, use your local trapper.

Raccoons sure are cute! Yes they are. This view of cuteness will quickly change once the raccoons start tipping over trash cans, eating your pet food, destroying birds feeders, fight and hurting pets or children. The the damage they can cause can reach several hundred to several thousand dollars in short order. They can and do climb your house, rip open your siding and then give birth in you attic and walls. They will destroy insulation with urine and toxic feces. They love to open up central air trunk lines to get to cool or warm air. If they get hungry or thirsty while in your attic, they have no problem tearing holes in your ceiling to reach your food and water. Raccoons may be cute, until you have to write a large check to a contractor to fix the physical damage to your house and to remove the toxic urine and droppings from the raccoons, yuck!

If you have a garden or farm, you know the damage and the money raccoons cost you every year. They tear up your corn and vegetable garden with delight. They are carry and transmit some very nasty diseases to farm animals including rabies. They will also hole up in your barn and ruin your hay or feed with gallons of raccoon urine and feces.

If you want to truly understand the aggressive nature of raccoons, Google children and people hurt by raccoons. They are cute with their little masked face, but they are strong, fast and can be dangerous.

So if you have raccoons that need to go, look up your local trapper and give them a call.

One thing that homeowners and landowners will find out is that catching a raccoon is not that hard with a cage trap. The trick and skill comes with having the knowledge to catch ALL the problem raccoons. Raccoons learn very quick. In cities and suburbs, raccoons are caught by one landowner and turned loose a few mile down the road in a park or wood lot. What this has done, is to educate a whole generation of raccoons that will not fall for some cat food or a sweet pastry in the back of a cage trap. They have been down that road, have the tee-shirt and will not fall for crude trap presentations every again. They also teach there young to avoid armature set cage traps. To make matters worse, the cage trap homeowners run down and buy at the local hardware store are not built to hold a trapped cage trap. Most of these cheap weak cage traps will be pulled apart by a adult raccoon. You local trapper is trained in using several different methods for catching and trapping raccoons. Give them a call, you don't need the head ache, to waste your time or blow money on weak traps that may or may not even hold a full grown raccoon.

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