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Are coyotes and fox trying too or have already killed and eaten some of your pets?
Are coyotes and fox on your property coming to close and acting aggressive to your children or even to you?
Are coyotes and fox killing and eating your chickens, ducks, sheep, calves or other livestock?
Are coyotes and fox eating or running off you deer, turkey, quail and other wildlife?

Coyotes and Fox are in crouching into cities, neighborhoods and family yards more and more. If you are having a problem with a problem of aggressive coyote, look up your local trapper for assistance. You can call a state agency for help, but for the most part they will listen to you, but there is not much they can or will do.

Most home and land owner wish they could look the other way and the problem coyote or fox will leave them alone. I understand the confusion and good intentions of home owners and land owners that wish nature would stay at a livable distance, but that is not the case. It is up to you to live with the destruction, killing of pets, livestock and game animals or you can be proactive and do something about your problem coyotes and fox.

You only have a few options and one really good one. You can spend a lot of time trying a bunch of methods to scare off coyotes and fox. You will find out that these are more of a urban myth than reality. The professional game ranches have tried them all, spent a ton of money and end up calling their local trapper. It would be nice to set something out or use the latest gadget and fix a animal problem. A whole industry has been built to prey on landowners looking for a quick fix. You will find out like tens of thousands of hopeful but poorer land owners that the quick fixes bleed them of money and fix very little if anything at all.

The second option is for you to learn to trap or snare. This may be a surprise to you, but you cannot catch coyotes in a box trap. There have been a few, and I mean few very young coyotes and fox caught in box or cage traps. Most home owners run down to the hardware store or borrow a cage trap from a friend to catch and trap a coyote of fox. This action results in a lot of wasted time and the home owner finally figures out that just because the cage trap manufacture has a picture of a coyote or fox on the box, the animals did not read or understand the quick tip manual that comes with the trap. Cage trapping coyotes and fox is nothing short of a cruel joke on unsuspecting wishful land and homeowners. If cage traps could catch coyotes and fox, professional trappers would use them, but they don't.

Since cage traps don't work, that leaves you to buy traps, all the needed gear, find and understand to proper uses of bait and lure (which changes from area to area and the time of the year), were to place a trap so a coyote or fox will work the set, the right way to set, bed and lure a trap for a coyote or fox to even work the set. Then you will have to physically deal and handle the wild animal. Coyotes and fox are not like house dogs and will not run up to food or meat like a domestic dog will. They are called willy for a reason. You can go down this road, but you will end up spending several hundred dollars on traps, sifters, disposable stakes, drivers, tools, catch/release poles, education, lure and baits. Then all the time it will take you to perfect you trapping skills before you catch your target problem animal.

The easy way for you to get rid of, catch or trap a coyote or fox is to call your local trapper and let him do what he is good at and is trained for. At the minimum, give him or her a call and see if he can give you some helpful advice.

I cannot tell you what or how your local trapper will fix you problem. Every state has very strict laws that trappers must follow. Each state will have laws on what can be done during different times of the year. Some states allow for relocating animals and some do not due to rabies and the spreading of other diseases. You local trapper will know your local laws and how they apply to you problem. Together you and your local trapper will be able to come up with the best options to remove or fix you coyote and fox problems.

So look up your local trapper. He or she knows what they are doing, they follow the laws and more importantly, they are best option you will ever find dealing with a coyote or fox problem.

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