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Landowners and homeowners are having problems with beaver and muskrats more and more today. The reason is simple the beaver and muskrat populations have exploded in the last decade and their numbers are growing by leaps and bounds every year. So what do you as a landowner do when they start killing your trees or digging up your creek, river or pond banks?

Beaver and muskrats are neat to watch, in the beginning. Then as they keep having young and the destruction becomes unavoidable, the neatness and coolness wears of real quick. Beaver will eat and kill young and large trees, roses, landscape plants, berry vines and cut groves into the grass. Beaver also flood property, roads, crop fields and even houses! Not only that, they will drop trees on fences, barns and houses. To make matters worse, once the beaver and muskrats build a wet land, the EPA will take control of the property and place some extreme and crazy rules on the landowner that never ends. You can clear the creek or pond banks or even cut the grass. You as a landowner will lose control of your property, but you will still have to pay taxes on land you can no longer use. Another fact about beaver is that they dig long large holes into the banks. These den holes can go 30-50 feet out into your yard or pastor ground. Over time they will collapse and cause a massive mess and expense to correct. We have seen cars and tractors break front ends as they fall into these deep underground trenches.

What most landowner do not realize or understand is that you are civil liable for ANY damage beaver on your property causes to your neighbors land or road system. If the flooding causes a car to go off the road killing crops, or any property damage, you will be writing a large check after being sued by your neighbor, county, state or city.

Another fact that freaks out some landowners is how big beaver are, they average 35 pounds and older adults can tip the scales over eighty pounds. They are rodents, just like a rat in your attic. They just happen to live in the water. Beaver also go to the bathroom in you water and this carries a lot of bacteria and diseases. This can seep into you drinking water and cause you to spend days to weeks in the hospital. Why take the chance with your or your children’s health.

Beaver have 4-6 young beaver a year, so 2 beaver turn into 8 beaver in a year, 12 beaver in two years, and 18 beaver in three years. You can figure the math at how many beaver you will have over time. Like I said the “neatness” of seeing a few beaver on you property, will soon turn into a nightmare!

Catching a beaver is not the hard, but to catch most of them is a different story. Beaver learn really quick and several methods to trap and catch HAVE to be known and used to fix you beaver problem. To learn how to control beaver takes years of training and practice. Beaver traps are also not cheap and can be dangerous to an uneducated beginner trapper or landowner.

The safest and easiest way to get rid of beaver is to contact your local trapper. A simple phone call can fix you beaver problem. Your local trapper will also know your local and state laws and what options you have to choose from.

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